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How to Make Money on FIVERR From Nigeria Even With no Gig of your Own

This is a free guide that will help us make Money on

My Specifics is getting started without a service or Gig to offer. So, lets start with the first 2 below.

Make Money on FIVERR From Nigeria Even With no Gig of your Own

FREE GIG – #1 Niche Specific Content Writing

Content writing is a great way to get started because it costs nothing to set up – just your time.

Now there will always be content writing opportunities as people simply don’t have the time to keep up with the demand to produce enough content.

By hiring someone else to do this task they are free to work on other areas of their business.

You didn’t honestly think that I wrote this email series right? (wink)



Rather than just posting a general writing gig, you should offer something more specific that you are interested in.

By having a specific niche (eg Boxing Writer, Food Writer, Finance Writer) you will stand out from the crowd.

Plus if you offer writing gigs about subjects you are interested in, you will have fun writing as well!

Example Content Writing Gigs

I Will Write A Professional Article On Health And Fitness I Will Be Your Regular Sports Writer


Take note of how that gig really stands out and would attract anyone looking for that kind of sports writing.

How To Write Great Content

A great (FREE) tool that you can use is the Hemming Way App .

Use this app to write your articles and it will highlight any recommendations for improvements.

Not only will they keep readers hooked…


Your clients will love you and send order after order after order for your services.

FREE GIG – #2. About Us Page Writing

The About us page is one of the most important pages of any blog and many bloggers out there need help to write a professional page.

By offering a service through Fiverr, you can do just that.

Example Gigs

How To Write A Great About Us Page 

It is important when writing about us pages for your clients that you thoroughly research who they are and what they do.

You also need to optimize the content for their website.

Here’s mine-

The pages doesn’t need to be more the 300-400 words, here are some tips to follow:

List credentials, certifications, awards. Include a photo. Use facts, specifics are better than bold claims Seek to inspire trust. Express their values. You also need to add some clear call to actions, here’s some examples…..

Browse our catalog Sign up for our blog Start your free trial Subscribe to our newsletter Call us for a free estimate Schedule a consultation Learn more about

Tools To Help You Out

I have mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again.

The Hemming Way app costs nothing to use but will greatly improve your writing,

Download the desktop app and use it when writing. It will make great suggestions to enhance and improve your work.

Hope this helps..

Advanced Tutorial 

"Let Me Show You the Simple, 3-Step Freelance Method You Can Use to Earn Up to N672,550 Per Month"

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